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Palo Alto Networks has taken over a lot of startups lately. The technologies of these companies are now being brought together in a new version of the cybersecurity platform Prisma Cloud.

In the new Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks combines the technologies of no less than five startups that it purchased in 2019, says Silicon Angle. This platform will protect businesses’ hybrid and multiclous-environments with monitoring features, tools to prevent breaches and micro-segmentation.

Twistlock and PureSec

The first two startups to be processed in Prisma Cloud are Twistlock and PureSec. Twistlock focused on container security, PureSec was a serverless security company.

The techniques of the two companies are now used for options to prevent breaches. The intention is that Prisma Cloud will be connected to the development tools used by engineers, in order to detect vulnerable code before it comes on the market.

The new platform will be able to find vulnerabilities in container images, serverless features written for services such as AWS Lambda, and in container images used by teams to set up their infrastructure-as-a-service environment, thanks to the technologies of the two startups.

Monitoring with Evident.io and RedLock

Two other startups that Palo Alto Networks took over this year were Evident.io and RedLock. Evident.io was a pioneer and leader in infrastructure protection for cloud services. RedLock was a cloud security specialist.

These two companies now provide monitoring techniques. This enables Prisma Cloud security to visualize data from a cloud infrastructure in dashboards. With these dashboards, administrators can see at a glance whether there are systems with vulnerabilities.

There is also a set of dashboards that show compliance violations, for example if a repository with customer data is not configured to comply with the GDPR.

Microsegmentation with Aporeto

The last technique comes from Aporeto, which was taken over earlier this week. Aporeto offers a cloud security platform that uses zero trust to provide end-to-end authentication, authorisation and encryption for all application components. In this way, workloads on all infrastructures are secured.

Aporeto also has software for microsegmentation, which is now being processed in Prisma Cloud. With this software, organizations can isolate their cloud applications in order to minimize the damage if a workload is compromised.