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Cloudfare for Teams announced after acquisition of S2 Systems

Cloudfare for Teams announced after acquisition of S2 Systems

According to their own words, there were more interested parties for acquiring the startup S2 Systems, but Cloudfare pulled the long straw: S2 Systems, specialised in isolating browser environments, was added to the portfolio.

The acquisition will be announced at the same time Cloudfare for Teams is announced. A golden combination, according to the company itself, since S2 System managed to load pages much faster when they were visited over another network. That problem was Cloudfare’s main hurdle in rolling out services for larger companies, but can now be realised. Matthew Prince of Cloudfare explains the choice.

“I remember the first time I saw their demo and thought: ‘this can’t work correctly, because it’s too fast’. S2 Systems had chosen a different route when it came to browser isolation and the result is just as fast as local browsing and without non-working pages”.

Cloudfare focuses on companies

The acquisition of S2 Systems was necessary to take the next step in securing larger groups, hence the name Cloudfare for Teams. This, in turn, is built from two parts, namely Cloudfare Access and Cloudfare Gateway. The first one mainly focuses on being a management tool, to make sure employees use the most recent versions of software.

Gateway focuses on securing companies and individuals from threats on the Internet. Three different versions can be found: Normal, Pro and Enterprise. The latter of those contains the tech adopted from S2 Systems.