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A warning from the U.S. government: tech giant Huawei would use a backdoor in Germany’s network to listen in on conversations. The German authorities inform the German media that the allegations have been received with a raised eyebrow.

The authorities are of the opinion that hard evidence is lacking: where tech is indeed to be found in networks, it has been added at the insistence of the authorities themselves. After all, the police and the judiciary would be allowed, with permission, to eavesdrop on suspects or read along in chat conversations.

Not only would that explain the installation of such a backdoor, but according to Deutsche Telekom it would also be impossible to fish in the data stream unseen. Every interaction on the network itself would be recorded and the data would be stored on a server. Not at the network equipment supplier, but at Utimaco in Germany.

No hard evidence, but a hard conclusion

In spite of the fact that the evidence provided by America is labelled as ‘unconvincing’, Germany remains critical about the cooperation with Huawei in building a 5G network. According to the chairman of the committee on the digital development of the country, Huawei remains an ‘unreliable partner’.

The issue of whether or not to allow Huawei to build a 5G network is currently under consideration in Germany. The European Commission previously decided that the Chinese tech giant would only be excluded from specific parts of the network, thus following the chosen direction of the United Kingdom.