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Fortinet acquires Opaq Networks in order to strengthen its network security. The acquisition of Opaq Networks should help Fortinet secure both local offices and data centers.

The acquisition of Opaq makes it possible to offer a complete Secure Access Service Edge platform, also known as SASE. Executive vice president of products John Maddison commented to CRN: “Adding Opaq allows us to be more flexible in terms of where and how customers want to apply security. We already had the most complete SASE offering, but this gives us more flexible consumption options.”


From now on, the security vendor’s portfolio extends beyond just an office or data center. It will now be possible to apply those security solutions to the cloud. The cloud has increased in popularity over the last couple of years, but due to the pandemic, the world has started to use it even more. Especially now that it is more difficult to implement solutions on-premise.

Zero Trust access will soon be added to Fortinet’s SASE platform. This is often used by companies that label all incoming and outgoing traffic as ‘unreliable’. As a result, there will no longer be any difference between an internal and an external network. In addition, the data will be monitored much more strictly. Many companies are increasingly switching to this approach, specifically through the cloud, according to Maddison.


In any case, it is an interesting addition after the acquisition of CyberSponse. This security provider was purchased by Fortinet over six months ago and helps security teams work more efficiently and deal better with incidents.