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Konica Minolta’s U.S. operation just purchased a cybersecurity firm in Kansas City. The Japanese company purchased Depth Security for an undisclosed amount.

Rick Taylor, the CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A, said that their continued investments in security offerings appear to be a much-needed move and critical in protecting their customers’ data. 

Konica’s ‘All Covered’ division, which deals with information technology services, will absorb Depth Security.

Security requires the same tools hackers use

CEO and co-founder Gene Abramov led Depth Security. He was accepted into the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program back in 2018. One of the things Depth Security does is enable users to expose vulnerabilities by simulating attacks using the same tools cybercriminals deploy.

Rick Taylor said that adding Depth Security to the tools already offered by All Covered will enable them to speed up their ability to keep client data safe.

That way, they can maintain on being profitable as they continue to work toward being placed in the right position for the ongoing digital transformation.

According to Abramov, market demand continues to grow for the kind of expertise offered by Depth Security. By joining with what All Covered already has, they can scale up and likely enjoy a larger market share.

Turbulent times requires talent

The president of All Covered, Todd Croteau, said in the release that the acquisition is an exciting point in the history of the division. He said that IT security is now a priority for many businesses. He believes that with the talents at Depth Security, they will be able to strengthen their security ability and provide truly holistic solutions for their clients.

A recent cyberattack highlights what Todd said, as Garmin (based on Olathe) faced outages that affected their website, call centre, and other services. Hackers are now using COVID-19 themes to target victims.