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The vast majority of security operations centres already apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect cyber attacks better.

This is according to a report by British IT company Micro Focus. Only 7 percent of the respondents stated that they do not yet use these techniques. Most of the so-called Security Operations Centers (SOC) intend to deploy SOAR-techniques within the next year.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response is an umbrella term for software that automatically reports about and responds to minor security incidents. This saves time for the IT engineers to put into more important tasks.

In the report, Micro Focus writes that it expects SOCs to deploy new tools at an unprecedented rate. Currently, 90 percent of responded already employ the MITRA ATT&CK framework to analyze attacks.

Odds stacked against SOCs

“The odds are stacked against today’s SOCs”, Stephan Jou, CTO Interset at Micro Focus said. “There is more data, more sophisticated attacks, and larger surface areas to monitor. However, when properly implemented, AI technologies such as unsupervised machine learning, are helping to fuel next-generation security operations, as evidenced by this year’s report.”