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Barracuda Networks has released a new version of its email scanner. The new version offers improved reporting and a new user interface. The software integrates directly with Microsoft 365.

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is a free tool that helps detect email threats that have escaped detection by the organisation. Examples cited by Barracuda include spear phishing, business email compromise attacks, taking over email conversations and mimicking services.

New features

Barracuda’s software scans e-mails and, based on this, provides a report of the threats encountered and the employees who are most at risk of falling victim to e-mail threats. The dashboard of the software has a handful of new features.

For example, it is now possible to see the progress during a scan in the Scan preview page. On that page, users can view the first results in real-time as they come in during a scan. The detected threats are then displayed on an improved dashboard.

2 million threats found

Barracuda claims their email scanner has been used by 4550 businesses to scan 2.6 million mailboxes in the past year. More than two million threats were found, on average in one in seven scanned mailboxes.

The types of threat the company found most often were, of course, phishing attacks and scams. Extortion and CEO fraud were less common, but such attacks are more targeted and therefore less widespread.

Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is free to use five times for a scan and offers a 14-day trial period to scan new emails. It integrates directly with mailboxes in Microsoft 365. The software is available on the Barracuda website.

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