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Accenture has closed a deal with French cyber security company Openminded for an acquisition. With the acquisition, Accenture wants to increase its presence in the field of cybersecurity in Europe.

Openminded was founded in 2008 and is managed from a security operations centre. The company offers advisory services, cloud and infrastructure security, cybersecurity and managed security. It helps its clients anticipate and reduce cybersecurity risks, detect and respond to cyber incidents quickly and implement best practices for adhering to local laws.

The acquisition brings Openminded’s 100 or so cybersecurity professionals under the wings of Accenture Security, bringing the total number of professionals in that branch close to 7000. In this way, Accenture aims to expand its security services in France and Europe in general.


“With cyberattacks becoming more complex, constant and costly every day, companies must fully embed cybersecurity into the different layers of their organizations to ensure resilience,” said Kelly Bissell, who leads Accenture Security globally. “The acquisition of Openminded supports our commitment to leveraging technology and human ingenuity to help clients be confident and secure in the face of constant change. We look forward to welcoming Openminded’s team to Accenture and helping clients defend against cyber threats more effectively across their entire ecosystem — now and in the future.”

Hervé Rousseau, Openminded’s founder and CEO, said, “Joining forces with Accenture is a great opportunity for our teams and our clients. The alliance of our talent and capabilities perfectly leverages our expertise and would allow us to deliver on a global scale. Today, the fight against cyberattacks requires the implementation of the most advanced technologies, as well as the human resources to make them efficient This is the synergy we are going to build and put at the service of our clients.”

Financial details not provided

The two companies have not disclosed how much will be paid for the acquisition. Before the acquisition is complete, the necessary bureaucratic steps still have to be completed.

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