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The company has launched two new tools to protect email accounts from targeted threats.

This week Cloudflare announced two new email safety and security offerings. The company sees the new products as a first step toward catching more targeted phishing attacks

Cloudflare users will now be able to create custom email addresses and manage incoming email routing. They can also prevent email spoofing and phishing on outgoing emails – all for free.

The service will also reduce the effectiveness of address spoofing, they say. It will also mitigate the fallout if a user does click a malicious link.

The features are targeted at small business and corporate customers. And they’re made for use on top of any email hosting a customer already has. This includes services like Google’s Gmail, Microsoft 365, Yahoo, or even relics like AOL.

Cloudflare also announced that customers can sign up for early access to its Advanced Email Security Suite. This is tightly integrated with all of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solutions. The company says it offers a more holistic way to keep businesses and their employees secure and productive.

Introducing Cloudflare Advanced Email Security Suite

Cloudflare Email Routing provides customers with powerful new email routing tools to streamline email management. Cloudflare Email Routing will give customers more control over their email and empower them to have professional addressing while relying on any email hosting provider.

Email Security DNS Wizard provides tools to help anyone with an email address better protect their brand against phishing and spam.

Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, commented. “Customers have asked us to address email security for years,” he said.

“Today we’re announcing new tools that will help close the biggest remaining network security risk that Cloudflare hasn’t already covered, until now,” he added.

“We want to be the network that businesses of any size can plug into for all of their needs. While today marks our first step into this space, we ultimately hope to become the leader in email security.”