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One Identity announced that it acquired OneLogin, an identity and access management software provider, with $175+ million in funding. The financial terms of the deal are still secret.

One Identity is part of Quest Software, a former subsidiary of Dell Technologies that was spun-off into an independent company in 2016. One Identity provides widely used software products that enterprises use to manage workers’ access to IT assets.

One Identity’s products help secure admin/crucial accounts that have access to sensitive systems or information. Accounts of this type attract cyberattacks more frequently.

An entry into the identity access management market

The Quest Software subsidiary is competitive in other categories. It makes tools that help companies monitor user accounts and manage deployments on Microsoft’s Azure Directory Platform, which helps regulate which employees can access what apps and how.

The newly announced acquisitions mean One Identity’s footprint grows larger as it makes its foray into the adjacent identity access management space.

OneLogin makes products used by companies to manage how employees and customers log into their apps. The startup’s software can be leveraged to perform tasks like implementing 2FA (two-factor authentication) for an organization’s database.

Integrating OneLogin with One Identity

By integrating OneLogin’s technology into its feature set, One Identity can provide an end-to-end collection of tools to manage employee logins and other related cybersecurity workflows.

One Identity President and General Manager Bhagwat Swaroop said that the prevalence of human and machine identities, the race to the cloud, and remote working proliferation, have all become the new edge. Protecting identity in an end-to-end way is important now more than ever.

One Identity will absorb OneLogin to become a combined company with more than 10,000 customers.