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Tanium joins forces with Deep Instinct

Tanium joins forces with Deep Instinct

Tanium and Deep Instinct have partnered to offer endpoint security and automation to the entire security lifecycle

What is the future of endpoint security

Tanium has come together with Deep Instinct to offer organizations a revolution in the cybersecurity space. Deep Instinct is the first organization that has enabled companies to apply endpoint deep learning cybersecurity.

With this collaboration, they are bringing a 360-degree solution that is considered the evolution of endpoint security by running the preventive platform of Deep Instinct and the threat response solution of Tanium in tandem. Thanks to which they have created a security solution that boasts control and visibility within the cybersecurity space of an organization.

What are the benefits organizations will enjoy?

Data security is a real threat, and the cost of breach incidents has exceeded $9 million in 2020, according to the Ponemon Institute Study on Endpoint Security. Incorporating the new solution will offer:

  1. Enabled pre-execution prevention functionality by deep learning to restrict unknown, known, and zero-day threats proactively in the kill chain, mitigating risks and reducing the time to address the breach
  2. 360-degree optimized security for your endpoints will address the efficiency, manageability, and effectiveness of your system.
  3. Improved return on investment within the SecOps department by minimizing the number of attacks that a company needs to detect and respond.
  4. Better detection with a reduced instance of false positives

This collaboration between Tanium and Deep Instinct will minimize the risk of data breach by detecting threats at an early stage. In turn, this reduces the cost involved with threat detection and creating a post-breach response. The unity is the future of the cybersecurity space.