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BlackBerry releases Guard 2.0, focuses on XDR functionality

BlackBerry releases Guard 2.0, focuses on XDR functionality

BlackBerry releases a major update of its MDR service. Guard 2.0 offers XDR functionality. The service is based on technology from partner Exabeam.

Guard 2.0 expands Guard 1.0 with XDR functionality (Extended Detection and Response). With this, BlackBerry wants to offer its customers more endpoint protection. The service protects systems and infrastructure and focuses on stopping attack attempts. XDR is indispensable for this purpose.

Blackberry Guard 2 is a subscription-based managed service. This service uses existing BlackBerry solutions, such as the Cylance AI platform, for continuous protection, detection and response.


BlackBerry Guard 2 features AI-based endpoint protection using machine learning to detect malware, fileless and user-generated threats.

Other functionality includes a continuous threat intelligence overlay combining the latest global and local threat data, automated rapid response to attacks and threats, behavioural analytics and continuous authentication via the Cylance AI model.

In addition, the solution delivers functionality such as mobile threat detection. Customers can receive 24×7 monitoring support from BlackBerry specialists for preventing and resolving problems.

The security specialist also plans to integrate data from other BlackBerry solutions, including BlackBerry Protect Mobile, BlackBerry Gateway and BlackBerry Persona. This should give customers broader insight into their ecosystem of endpoints.

Collaboration with Exabeam

Guard 2.0 was developed in collaboration with BlackBerry partner Exabeam. Among other things, this security specialist supplies a next-generation SIEM solution. The solution provides security teams with analytical insights to discover, investigate and resolve threats. Guard 2.0 integrates with various Exabeam services.