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In the past year, cloud adoption has grown by 25 percent. Nearly three-quarters of IT organizations run the majority of their workloads in the cloud. The fastest growers are embracing DevSecOps and security automation. That’s what Palo Alto Networks concludes in a recent survey.

Annually, Palo Alto Networks publishes the State of Cloud Native Security Report to provide an insight into the state of IT organizations worldwide.

This year, 70 percent of the thousands of respondents indicated that the majority of their workloads run in the cloud. A significant increase from last year. According to Palo Alto, COVID-19 prompted nearly every organization to change its cloud strategy. As a result, cloud adoption spiked.

Cloud security

Furthermore, the report underscores that organizations with security automation are much more resilient against cyberattacks than those without. Organizations with extensive automation are twice as likely to feel confident in the security of their environment.

Organizations that integrate security into software development (DevSecOps) are the most optimistic. They are seven times more likely to feel confident in the security of their environment.

The latter means that organizations without automation and DevSecOps doubt their defence. Although most seek to improve, not everyone finds a way. Most respondents view security as the biggest obstacle to cloud adoption. The mood is similar to last year, wherein the report confirmed that cloud security is the most common cause for cloud adoption delays.

There’s room for improvement

Palo Alto Networks proposes a solution. The organization investigated the fastest cloud growers in hopes of finding a common thread. As a result, Palo Alto stumbled upon several shared traits.

First of all, the fastest cloud adopters formulate a clear, understandable rationale for cloud projects. Second, the organizations choose a small number of services from a small number of providers. Third, the organizations are remarkably careful with money: investments in security were not exceptionally high, but strategically placed instead. Finally, the organizations develop their cloud apps with integrated security automation and DevSecOps.

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