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Google Cloud introduces agentless VMTD for securing VM’s

Google Cloud introduces agentless VMTD for securing VM’s

Google Cloud expands its Security Command Center portfolio with the addition of Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD). The agentless solution protects VM’s against cryptomining and other threats.

VMTD allows VM’s to be scanned and protected against various threats that impact performance. These include cryptomining malware, which hijacks VMs to steal computing power required to mine crypto.

VMTD is added to Google Cloud’s Security Command Center. This suite of solutions provides users with an overview of various environments and vulnerability detection. Ultimately, Security Command Center allows organizations to comply with industry security standards and benchmarks.

Scanning and securing VM’s

VMTD hunts for threats in the memory of VM architectures running on Google Cloud instances. The solution does not depend on additional software on agents, working through the hypervisor instead. This is contrasted by legacy security software, which frequently uses agents in VMs to retrieve telemetry and find threats.

Due to its agentless nature, there is no impact on the performance of the VM’s under investigation. Furthermore, there’s no need to manage agents, which reduces operating costs and attack surfaces.

Public preview

VMTD is currently deployable through a public preview via the settings page in Security Command Center. At this time, the solution only scans VM’s for cryptomining activities. In the future, the detection capabilities will be expanded.