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F5 introduces cloud platform for web application and API security

F5 introduces cloud platform for web application and API security

F5 launches the F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform. The platform was designed for web app and API security management.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services combines acquired technology (Volterra and Shape Security) with new functionality. The platform allows organizations to deploy various security services to on-premises, multi-cloud and edge environments. It also provides end-to-end visibility and policy control for all applications from a single dashboard.


On the security front, the platform offers the Distributed Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP). This service integrates F5’s web application firewall with tools for countering bots, DDoS and API attacks. Security specialists can set different policies for individual applications.

Multicloud networking

F5 Distributed Cloud Multi-Cloud Transit is introduced for multicloud networking (MCN). This service enables secure and high-performance connections between cloud environments and firewalls.

Furthermore, FF5 Distributed Cloud Load Balancer and Kubernetes Gateway provides an integrated load balancer with Kubernetes and API gateways. The load balancer allows organizations to deploy workloads and microservices in distributed clusters, locations and clouds.

F5’s platform also features an app delivery network (ADN) for edge environments. The F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform is available immediately.