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Noname Security and HighPoint are partnering up. HighPoint will use Noname Security’s API Security Platform to provide security services to its customers.

Noname Security develops a platform for securing APIs. The solution takes inventory of all APIs in an environment to find threats, attacks and misconfigurations. Testing tools allow APIs to be finetuned before being deployed into a production environment.

HighPoint provides network, security and consulting services to customers in the US, the Netherlands and the UK. Noname Security and HighPoint started a collaboration. HighPoint will use the API Security Platform in its services to customers.

“We have always had a focus on securing customer infrastructure and data”, shares Neil Dearman, Head of Technology at HighPoint. “This expansion provides our customers with a higher degree of proactive cybersecurity protection, leveraging a more expansive set of cybersecurity skills and consulting expertise.”

Why API security?

HighPoint’s interest is understandable. API traffic is on the rise, but traditional security measures are no match for abuse. A WAF (Web Application Firewall) recognizes suspicious traffic, but fails to look behind the curtains. Noname Security takes things further. The technology analyzes traffic and configurations. Suspicious calls are intercepted, risky APIs come to light, and multiple test tools allow the development of secure APIs.

Tip: Noname Security receives 135 million for API security platform