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Fortinet released FortiOS 7.2. The new OS version offers more security for the entire network environment.

FortiOS 7.2 adds more than 300 new features. Performance and scalability were improved across the board. New functionality detects and prevents threats across customers’ network infrastructure. Furthermore, the update focuses on hybrid cloud security.


FortiGuard Security Services is now integrated into Fortinet Security Fabric, providing automated and coordinated security in real-time. Real-time security is made possible by AI and machine learning models based on data sets from a wide range of sources: customers’ networks, endpoints and cloud environments, independent research and collaborations with other security providers.

Additionally, a new inline sandbox extends sandbox functionality to real-time prevention. Sandboxes allow known and unknown malware to be stopped before doing harm. Sandboxing has a minimal impact on operations and is especially suitable for countering ransomware attacks.


Furthermore, FortiOS 7.2 introduces security features for IoT devices. FortiOS now takes inventory of all deployed devices. Pattern matching is applied to implement policies and automate troubleshooting. Quick alerts shed light on malware outbreaks.

FortiOS 7.2 also introduces Security Operations Center-as-a-Service. The service takes care of all tier-1 analyses. Fortinet designed the service to lighten the pressure on SOC specialists, who often benefit greatly from any time freed up.

Finally, one of the new services allows companies to migrate legacy firewalls and network hardware to a next-generation firewall system, which is a welcome addition.

Tip: Fortinet guarantees secure network access with Zero Trust