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CrowdStrike added functionality to Falcon CWP and Falcon Horizon. The features focus on securing public cloud environments.

The updates should make it easier for companies to protect public cloud environments. CrowdStrike Falcon CWP, an agent-based solution for detecting and blocking threats to public cloud environments, received updates for detecting threats in containers. The solution finds and blocks misconfigured containers that may overwrite the infrastructure they are running on. Resultingly, cybercriminals have an extremely hard time penetrating public cloud infrastructures.

Falcon Horizon updates

CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon, an agentless security tool for cloud environments, now has additional functionality for securing AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

For AWS, the solution not only detects possible breaches, but recommends fixes as well. This should speed up recovery times. For Azure Active Directory, Falcon Horizon advises users on reducing unnecessary cloud access permissions, which reduces risk across the board. For Google Cloud, customers can more easily detect misconfigured settings in various deployments.


Furthermore, CrowdStrike will extend the management of both Falcon CWP and Falcon Horizon to a single dashboard. This way, security specialists can monitor and manage both solutions in a central environment.

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