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Okta brings identity security to SentinelOne XDR

Okta brings identity security to SentinelOne XDR

SentinelOne launched an integration of SentinelOne XDR and access management platform Okta. SentinelOne XDR informs Okta of risky users, after which Okta removes the users from a system or network.

SentinelOne XDR is a security platform for entire infrastructures, including endpoints, servers and workloads. The technology recognizes all systems in an environment, points out vulnerable configurations and intercepts suspicious traffic. Should things go south, SentinelOne jumps in with a number of managed incident response services.

Every company’s environment consists of various suppliers and systems. Therefore, XDR solutions must be able to deal with various suppliers and systems. Integrations are distinct to the technology. SentinelOne’s platform is constantly expanding with new partners and acquisitions. Recently, the organization launched integrations of ServiceNow, Zscaler and the newly acquired Attivo Networks. The latest addition is Okta, an access management platform.

Okta and SentinelOne XDR

Okta allows system and network access to be secured via a login environment. The platform includes a directory, single sign-on and two-step authentication for systems of choice. The technology cleverly handles suspicious login attempts. One of the solutions forces additional security questions when users enter a leaked password.

The new integration of Okta and SentinelOne XDR offers multiple features for joint customers. For instance, when SentinelOne XDR recognizes an endpoint threat, Okta provides details on the user last logged in. The user can be temporarily or permanently removed from the system. If SentinelOne XDR doubts the severity of the threat, Okta can take a lighter measure, such as two-step authentication or a password reset.

The integration is a great addition to SentinelOne XDR. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach report, 82 percent of all data breaches are caused by stolen login credentials. Okta is able to prevent such breaches, while SentinelOne XDR addresses most other attacks. The solutions complement each other.