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From here on out, Microsoft’s identity and access management solutions are known as Microsoft Entra.

The tech giant is rebranding several products. In April, all data governance and compliance solutions were grouped under Microsoft Purview. Not long after, Microsoft renamed every managed security service to Microsoft Security Experts. Last week, the database management portfolio received the same treatment. The latest addition is Microsoft Entra, a collection of all solutions for identity and access management.

Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra is more than a label. The initial portfolio is based on Azure Active Directory, CloudKnox Permissions Management and Verifiable Credentials. The three are now offered on a central platform.

Azure Active Directory contains all necessities for login environments. Systems can be secured with passwords, user names and multi-factor authentication. CloudKnox Permissions Management is similar to Active Directory, but much more effective for multi-cloud environments. The product group is known as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). Finally, Verifiable Credentials allows users to securely authenticate with physical documents like a driver’s license.

The three solutions are now available on a central platform. Pricing remains the same. Azure Directory and Verifiable Credentials charge per user per month. CloudKnox Permissions Management charges per cloud resource per month.


If you’re exclusively using Azure Directory, you can ignore the rest of the offering. Should interest arise at a later stage, you can get started right away. That’s the reason for the change. Organizations rarely have a sense of their future identity and access management needs. Technology is ever-changing. For instance, while most start out with Azure Active Directory, the demand for CIEM may arise over time. In an optimal world, everything is set up from scratch. In practice, that rarely happens. The new platform offers a solution. Integrations are automatically built and configurations can be mirrored.

Microsoft Entra is available immediately. During the announcement, Microsoft stated that the platform will be expanded with new products over time.