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Nutanix launches Files 4.1, boosts ransomware protection

Nutanix launches Files 4.1, boosts ransomware protection

Nutanix launched Files 4.1. The update provides new ransomware protection capabilities. The features primarily target customers using Nutanix’s Unified Storage solution.

Nutanix announced that Files 4.1 will primarily be deployed to Unified Storage and Files customers. In doing so, Nutanix aims to further protect its users against ransomware attacks. The organization noted that cybercriminals are keen on using ransomware against shared storage environments to steal or abuse confidential data for extortion.

Ransomware protection

As a software-based storage solution, Files has integrated ransomware security capabilities. The solution helps protect unstructured data. According to Nutanix, Files 4.1 further helps organizations implement a safe storage strategy.

Version 4.1 adds enhanced network isolation technology, network segmentation, resource management and multi-network support. In addition, the update brings improved ransomware detection capabilities and extensive support for WORM.

When combined with Nutanix Data Lens, a SaaS data management and governance solution, Nutanix Files provides a full spectrum of ransomware protection capabilities. This includes ZTA (zero-trust network access) and meets NIST Cybersecurity standards.

Files 4.1

The new Files 4.1 uses a scanner that scans file systems for approximately five thousand known ransomware characteristics from a third-party database. When a ransomware pattern is found, an alert is issued. Further actions include complete file system recovery, the recovery of one or more file shares and the recovery of single files.

However, to recover data, companies must have clean versions of the affected files. They also need to understand the extent of the ransomware attack, locate the affected files and decide on a course of action. Clean file versions can be achieved through Self-service Restore (SSR), third-party backups like Commvault and HYCO, and replicating snapshots between file server instances.

Data Lens functionality

The Data Lens service sees how individual users interact with individual files. When a ransomware attack is detected, the service issues alerts, determines the extent of the attack and allows specialists to take action. Data Lens only provides alerts and an overview of the attack’s scope. As mentioned earlier, organizations require third-party tools to follow up.

The combined solution is now available across the Nutanix Unified Storage portfolio. Files 4.1 functionality is also expected to be featured in Nutanix Volumes for block storage and Nutanix Objects.

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