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The Belgian government accuses Chinese cybercriminals of carrying out sophisticated APT attacks on Belgian government agencies. Targets include the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defence.

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on China to end a slew of attacks by state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups. Three APT groups recently attacked Belgian government agencies, including the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defence.

The Ministry strongly condemns the cyberattacks. The attacks are contrary to the standards of conduct that all members of the United Nations strive for, a spokesperson said.

UNSC 2814, Gallium and SoftCell

The attacks were launched by APT groups 27, 30 and 31. The groups are known to the security industry as UNSC 2814, Gallium and SoftCell. All three have been active for some time.

German authorities identified UNSC 2814 in 2018. The group focuses on business targets. Gallium formed as early as 2004. The group is responsible for multiple attacks on Asian government targets. SoftCell stems from Gallium. These cybercriminals distributed a remote access trojan (RAT) discovered in June of this year.

The Chinese government is unlikely to respond. Most Western intelligence services assume that the Chinese government supports and even carries out attack. According to the American FBI and British MI5, the state acquires trade secrets through cyberespionage.