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Snyk launches Snyk Cloud. The solution automatically adjusts container and infrastructure configurations to comply with security frameworks and policies.

Snyk is no stranger to cloud security. Its current offering consists of Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaS) and Snyk Container. Snyk IaS advises cloud engineers with best practices for securely managing infrastructure through code. Snyk Container recognizes vulnerabilities in container images and open-source libraries.

Meanwhile, the third product is underway. Snyk Cloud will be generally available before the end of 2022. The solution combines Snyk IaS, Snyk Container and Fugue, which we’ll detail down the line.

Snyk Cloud

The roles of Snyk IaS and Snyk Container remain the same. Together, the solutions provide secure infrastructure and container configurations. Fugue is new. Snyk acquired the organization in February 2022. Fugue’s technology analyzes a system and determines whether the system complies with security frameworks and policies.

That’s worth its weight in gold to Snyk. Fugue allows the Snyk Cloud to enforce secure configurations for all infrastructure and containers in an environment. An organization can set its own policies or use industry frameworks. The solution proceeds to review whether the infrastructure and containers comply.

Whenever Snyk Cloud detects a violation, users are advised on a solution. The concept isn’t new, as Snyk IaS already makes it possible to set and monitor policies. The difference is that Snyk Cloud monitors an entire cloud environment — including workloads, containers and parts of the infrastructure that aren’t managed through IaS.


Snyk Cloud is available to a select group of organizations starting today (26 July). General availability is expected before the end of the year. Snyk shared the news at the AWS re:Inforce conference in Boston.