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Fortinet introduces the FortiGate 4800F. The company describes the device as the fastest compact firewall for hyperscale data centers and 5G networks. For this purpose, the 4800F series offers appliances with 2.4Tbit/s capacity in a 4U chassis.

According to Fortinet, the firewall is the only 4U chassis on the market with 400GbE, 200GbE and 50GbE ports. This allows large data centers and network operators to scale without disrupting operations. “The combination of performance and scalability packed into our latest firewall will help future-proof organizations’ investments in hyperscale data centers, especially with the rise of 5G and as the volume and velocity of data continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace”, Fortinet said.

4800F for data centers

Fortinet mentions fast, secure and privacy-friendly connectivity as the 4800F’s differentiating factor for hyperscale data centers. “Enterprises with ultra-performance needs can converge multiple firewalls into a single unified system, host on-premises applications, and deliver the required user experience”, the company states. The 400GbE interfaces for hyperscale firewalls should allow for the most demanding applications.

In addition, Fortinet points out the importance of SSL inspection for securing the network. The company mentions encryption, which is intended to secure traffic, but also allows cybercriminals to hide malicious activity. Fortinet promises to inspect all encrypted traffic while meeting the speed requirements of modern networks. “FortiGate 4800F offers the industry’s highest SSL-inspection performance as well as support for the industry’s latest TLS 1.3 standard. This also ensures network blind spots are eliminated by enabling full visibility of clear-text and encrypted network flows”, the company said.

The 4800F offers specific features for hybrid IT environments. The firewall enables Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) segmentation and fast communications for computing, storage and applications co-hosted on physical and virtual platforms.

4800F for 5G

In addition to data centers, Fortinet is targeting 5G networks with its 4800F firewalls. The FortiGate 4800F enables network operators to realize secure IP connectivity to remote networks and domains, including carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) performance and hardware logging. The firewall supports 25 million connections per second.

Furthermore, the 4800F plays into the scale of 5G radio and operators that share radio access networks (RAN) to reduce costs. “The FortiGate 4800F provides a cost-effective security gateway (SecGW or SEG) to handle 5G’s RAN scalability and security requirements for both user and control planes”, Fortinet said.

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