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Google added an extra security layer to Workspace. The new functionality monitors accounts at risk of being hijacking to prevent accounts from being hijacked.

Google introduced the update to prevent hackers from hijacking Workspace accounts that take risky actions. This should better protect the personal data and sensitive data stored in Workspace.

The security layer automatically blocks hackers that try to access Workspace user accounts. When Google deems a Workspace account action te be risky, the user in question is required to verify his or her identity. The user can verify through two-factor authentication. According to Google, all verification actions are logged for further investigation.

Administrators can opt out of the automatic verification prompts to prevent users from being hindered by prompts. Furthermore, administrators can temporarily stop the security functionality for users that can’t immediately respond to a prompt due to, for instance, a video call.


The security functionality is now available to Google Workspace users, including older versions of G Suite Basic and Business. of the old G Suite Basic and Business. The service is only available to users that use Google as their identity provider.

The service builds on earlier security functionality added in June. This functionality brought new alerts for critical and sensitive changes to administrator accounts of Google Workspace environments.

Tip: Google Workspace now alerts key changes to administrator accounts