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Deep Instinct introduces Stratosphere for ransomware prevention

Deep Instinct introduces Stratosphere for ransomware prevention

Deep Instinct has introduced its Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) program Stratosphere. The program should help MSSPs more easily implement Deep Instinct’s solutions, for ransomware prevention.

The goal of the dedicated partner program, according to the security specialist, is to help MSSPs provide comprehensive security functionality that reduce the number of false positives. Deep Instinct’s technology uses deep learning technology to provide proactive (preventive) endpoint security. This should, for example, minimize the risk of ransoware infections.

Stratosphere capabilities

The Stratosphere MSSP program is primarily about access to Deep Instinct’s endpoint detection platform. According to the security vendor, the platform was designed with the services of MSSPs in mind. The platform provides functionality that allows MSSPs to deliver secure, multi-tenancy security services to their clients and facilitate the onboarding of these clients. This allows them to manage many clients through a single solution.

In addition to access to the platform, Stratosphere offers MSSP partners other benefits. The program has a strong focus on cost reduction, including greatly reducing the number of false positives. This results in fewer interactions with MSSPs’ help desks, less time spent troubleshooting and investigating infected systems. Ultimately, this allows MSSPs to serve more customers with fewer staff.

Through a single console for the platform, MSSPs can easily monitor their customers’ security and counter potential threats. The insight from this console can focus on problems in individual customers with a single click.

In addition, the program offers flexible licensing terms for Deep Instinct’s products. Customers can be billed annually or monthly.

Technical Support

Another features of the partner program is access to a Technical Account Manager. This technical expert helps MSSPs with questions about the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform.

Furthermore, within the program, MSSPs receive information about potential prospects from the security specialist and the opportunity to earn special Marketing Development Fund (MDF) discounts. These discounts allow them to generate more leads.

The Deep Instinct Stratosphere for MSSPs Program is accessible immediately.

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