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Jamf introduces the Safe Internet service for education. The content filtering solution helps schools offer students a safer online experience.

The new service is aimed at primary and secondary schools. Pupils are protected against harmful content. The service also helps schools and their administrators enforce policies on school-provided Apple devices without compromising the learning experience. Furthermore, the service should help reduce the risk of cyberattacks on educational institutions.


Although the service’s functionality is similar to Jamf’s services for businesses, its functionality is specifically adapted to education. IT administrators and teachers can adjust the level of content control to an individual class with one click. This prevents harmful content from reaching students. The service is built on Jamf’s network technology for content filtering and threat prevention.

The Apple management specialist offers a new and streamlined management console to manage content filtering. This console is equipped with specific workflows for schools. An integration with Jamf School simplifies the deployment and ongoing synchronization of school-provided Apple devices. The filtering service also integrates with Jamf Pro for education customers that use the service for device management

Privacy is key

Jamf explicitly states that the content filtering service guarantees student privacy. According to the vendor, it’s the only education-focused Apple security solution that respects student privacy by promoting media literacy and preventing harmful content rather than inspecting data.

Jamf applies three principles: full compliance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations; gaining and maintaining the trust of customers, partners and employees, and fostering a ‘Privacy by Design’ culture throughout the organization. Jamf’s solution is GDPR-compliant.

Tip: Jamf extends Apple experience to Microsoft and Google environments