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Illumino and Armis join forces to secure IT, IoT and OT environments

Illumino and Armis join forces to secure IT, IoT and OT environments

Illumino and Armis joined forces to secure IT, IoT and OT environments. The joint solution should prevent the spread of attacks in these environments.

The advent of edge environments, IoT networks and integrations with OT environments creates new hacking opportunities. The complexity and integrations of these networks allow attacks to spread very quickly.

Companies do well to integrate proactive security. The first and foremost requirement is a good understanding of how data flows through the extended attack surface. In addition, it’s necessary to separate key functionality within these networks to prevent breaches from reaching key network areas.

Joint solution

Illumino and Armis are joining forces to offer a complete solution. Illumino provides zero trust segmentation solutions and Armis specializes in asset visibility and security.

The joint solution includes Armis’ asset discovery technology and intelligence data, displayed in a single visualization through Illumino. This gives users an overview of the asset types present in their IT, IoT and OT environments and how they interact with each other. The solution supports both on-premises and cloud assets.


Visibility, policies and response

The view quickly reveals vulnerable communication paths and provides insight into the business context and threats they may pose.

It helps security teams set segmentation policies to limit unauthorized and unnecessary communications between IT, IoT and OT environments and devices. These automated policies can prevent breaches and prevent lateral movements to reduce impact.

Furthermore, the joint solution includes an automated incident response system that imposes additional restrictions in the event of an active attack on IT, IoT and OT systems.