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Rubrik launched research division Zero Labs. In addition, the company shed light on its subscription model, which generated €400 million in recurring revenue over the past year.

The zero-trust data security provider is establishing its own research division to offer customers more security. Research division Zero Labs will analyze and report on the global threat landscape while providing customers with research-based insights and best practices.

Steven Stone heads Rubrik Zero Labs

Rubrik Zero Labs will be headed by Steven Stone, Mandiant’s former VP of Adversary Operations. “Data and insights are critical for understanding, responding, preventing, and recovering from cyber events. In many cases, the data aspects are the least understood across the threat landscape, and we want to close this delta. Comprehensive threat intelligence will enable organizations to make informed decisions so they can be prepared for a full swath of cyber threats”, Stone commented.

Subscription model

In addition to the launch of its research division, Rubrik demonstrated the success of its subscription model. The zero trust data security specialist notes that subscriptions accounted for €400 million in recurring revenue last year, up 100 percent from the year before. Rubrik today has more than 4,500 customers worldwide.

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