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Google Cloud’s acquisition of Mandiant has been completed. The security and software company will continue to operate under its own name. Google Cloud plans to integrate some of Mandiant’s technology into its security solutions.

The newly completed acquisition was announced in March of this year. Google Cloud offered a sum of €5.3 billion ($5.4 billion). The deal ended a long-lasting acquisition battle between the public cloud giant and Microsoft, one if its closest competitors.

Mandiant technology

Mandiant will operate under its own name after the acquisition. Clients who don’t have a relationship with Google Cloud can continue to use Mandiant’s security solutions and applications.

The security and software company helps organizations defend against cyberattacks. The technology can identify systems affected by a breach, help remove malware and advise on ways to improve a company’s security posture against threats.

In addition, Mndiant collects data on malware and criminal activity. The data is made public in the Mandiant Threat Intelligence environment. Data on more than 1 million malware programs is collected from over 70 sources each day.

Integration into Google Cloud security platform

Google will integrate parts of the newly obtained technology into its security portfolio. According to Google Cloud, the integration should deliver functionality that protects companies at every step of the security cycle.

One of the integrations concerns Mandiant’s attack surface management tech. The functionality allows companies to continuously monitor the exposure of their assets, obtain intelligence and review systems that are open, vulnerable or misconfigured.

The acquisition also strengthens Google Cloud’s hybrid cloud capabilities. Among other things, Mandiant allows companies to test whether their cloud-based and on-premises security systems work as expected.

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