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Microsoft announced three security updates at its annual Ignite conference. In addition to the launch of Defender for DevOps, the tech giant shed light on the future of Entra and Intune.

Microsoft Ignite takes place from October 12 through October 14. Techzine is reporting on the various product announcements made. Stay up to date with the most important news through this overview.

Cybersecurity was central to the first day of the conference. Microsoft unveiled three security updates spanning Defender for Cloud, Entra and Intune.

Microsoft Defender for DevOps

Defender for Cloud is the most important component of Microsoft’s cloud security portfolio. The existing solution helps organizations secure workloads in Azure, AWS and GCP. Defender for Cloud is designed to be used by security professionals.

Microsoft sees the latter as a limitation. In addition to security teams, the organization wants to help DevOps teams secure systems. The tech giant hopes to shift cybersecurity from an afterthought to a priority during development and deployment. Hence, Microsoft introduced Defender for DevOps.

According to Microsoft, the solution allows security professionals to bolster the security of DevOps teams. The tech giant claims the solution helps prevent misconfigurations and fix vulnerabilities in code with multiple pipelines. Availability and further details are unknown at the time of writing.

Microsoft Entra Identity Governance

More and more employees spend their time on the go, from home and in the office. Managing the system access of employees based on their locations and devices is no longer practical, as locations and devices are constantly changing.

Microsoft launched the public preview of Entra Identity Governance to address the problem. The access management solution makes it possible to manage employee access in a central dashboard. The technology considers multiple factors to determine a user’s identity. Access is granted based on identity. The preview is immediately available.

Microsoft Intune expansion

Microsoft develops various endpoint management solutions. The offering has largely been known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager since 2019. Intune, one of the components of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, allows endpoints to be managed from the cloud.

Microsoft announced that Intune will become the name of its entire endpoint management portfolio. In addition to the rebrand, future endpoint management products will be designed based on Intune.

One of the upcoming products was presented in April 2022. The tech giant is working on a next-gen endpoint management solution. According to Microsoft, the solution will provide a central dashboard to manage the patches, permissions, configurations and support of all endpoints in an environment.

The details of the solution’s availability were unclear up until now. Microsoft disclosed that the solution will become an extension of Intune. The name is unknown, but the release date has been set for March 2023.