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Microsoft launches Endpoint Manager

Microsoft launches Endpoint Manager

Microsoft has launched Endpoint Manager to improve consistency, unification and security around device management, and in doing so enable ‘the modern workforce’.

Bringing together ConfigMgr and Intune

Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager brings together System Centre Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), commonly used to manage PCs, and Intune, for mobile devices, as well as ‘new intelligent actions’, says Microsoft.

In addition to ConfigMgr and Intune, the end-to-end management solution includes Desktop Analytics, Co-Management, Device Management Admin Console and more. It is accessible to customers already utilising cloud services as well as those not ready to migrate.

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager console will show a single view of devices managed by either ConfigMgr or Intune.

This approach by the company is to enable users to take advantage of cloud capabilities of Microsoft at their own pace without replacing infrastructure, and in doing so allowing customers not ready for cloud migration to still get value from the cloud along with on-prem deployments.

Modern management is the aim

According to Microsoft, the new tool helps with unifying management of devices and modernising systems.

Modern management is the aim, with simple, cloud intelligence at the core. The offering brings together security and management, while reducing the amount of manual processes IT staff are tasked with, and providing an onramp to customers looking to migrate to the cloud in the future.

According to a blog post by Brad Anderson, Microsoft corporate vice president, “Modern management puts the cloud intelligence that comes from organisations like Microsoft to work to automate tasks, prioritise your efforts, connect the IT and Security teams, and continually improve the user experience.”

Simplified licensing

In order to simplify the user experience and licensing, Microsoft is giving customers that hold a ConfigMgr license an Intune license to enable these users to better manage devices.

Users wanting to manage non-Windows devices through Microsoft Endpoint Manager will need to purchase an Intune license, an Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) license, a Microsoft 365 E3 or higher.

According to Anderson, ConfigMgr and Intune are currently managing 200 million devices. “Co-management isn’t a bridge; it’s a destination,” he says.