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One of the telco’s partners suffered a cyberattack, endangering the organization’s data.

Vodafone Italia has warned customers of a possible data breach that may compromise their personal data. The notice was issued after the company confirmed a cyberattack on one of its resellers.

FourB, an Italy-based reseller of Vodafone’s services, was hacked back in September. The attack exposed sensitive user details including subscription data, identity documents with sensitive information and contact details.

Vodafone Italia claims and reassures its subscribers that no account password or network traffic data have been leaked as a result of the attack.

Fear of phishing

Vodafone, one of Europe’s largest telecom service providers, strongly advised its customers to remain vigilant against emails that may increase their risk of being phished.

The organization confirmed that FourB has closed its servers to prevent the hackers from reentering. Bleeping Computer reports that the reseller has since implemented a higher level of security to avoid the incident from happening again.


While Vodafone Italia and FourB did not disclose further details about the data breach, it’s suspected that the incident is linked to an earlier hack. on September 3, a hacker group called KelvinSecurity claimed an attack against the telecommunications company.

The cybercrime gang put up a cache of 310GB of data allegedly stolen from Vodafone Italia for sale on hacker forums. KelvinSecurity is a notorious data seller that frequently pawns access to databases.

While Vodafone said it found no evidence of unauthorized access to the company’s internal IT systems at the time, it continued to investigate the incident. The more recent incident follows an attack on Vodafone’s Portuguese arm in February.