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The new offering leverages Wipro’s recent acquisitions in the cybersecurity consulting space.

This week, Wipro announced the launch of a strategic cybersecurity consulting offering in Europe. The announcement comes on the heels of a series of acquisitions the India-based company has made in the consulting space.

Recent acquisitions include Edgile, Capco, and Ampion. The acquisitions and this week’s announcement are all “part of the firm’s vision to build a global cybersecurity consulting offering to help clients stay ahead of a dynamic threat and regulatory environment”, the company said.

The new consulting capability, offered through Wipro CRS Europe, will expand on Wipro’s existing cybersecurity services, the company added. The service should enable clients to “tap into Wipro’s full set of capabilities — from strategy and implementation to managed services”.

“Under this new offering, Wipro consultants located in Europe will work with clients to build tailored strategies and solutions. Leveraging Wipro’s extensive global network of more than 9000 cybersecurists, Wipro CRS Europe will help clients realize enhanced scale and speed in implementations.”

All cybersecurity services under one umbrella

The new offering will bring all of Wipro’s cybersecurity capabilities under one umbrella dubbed CyberTransform, and deliver them to clients alongside the company’s managed CyberShield services capabilities.

CyberTransform is Wipro’s approach to cybersecurity transformation, the company said, adding it will “enables business growth by solving security, risk, cloud, identity, and compliance challenges on a global scale”.

CyberTransform combines Wipro’s suite of cybersecurity consulting capabilities to deliver what the company calls “a truly holistic, 360-degree approach designed to help customers manage cyber threats and build resilient, future-proof businesses”.

CyberShield is Wipro’s suite of managed services, which defends companies through on-demand cyber resilience management.

“Our recent acquisitions in the cybersecurity space, as well as our recent strategic hires in Europe, have created an opportunity for us to rethink how we serve our clients in this market”, said John Hermans, Head of Wipro CRS Europe.

“This launch will bring together our entire set of cyber capabilities under a single umbrella, allowing us to deliver clients a truly end-to-end offering that leads with strategy but delivers on every single aspect of their cybersecurity needs.”

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