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The UK’s new code of practice incentivizes developers and publishers to implement stronger security measures.

A code of practice to boost security safeguards throughout the app sector has been announced by the UK government. The new voluntary policy intends to better shield users from harmful apps on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

These new regulations call on application developers to implement procedures that let security professionals identify software flaws and guarantee that privacy information is easily accessible.

Code of practice

The code of practice will see the development of a ‘transparent and robust’ app vetting procedure, mandate that app developers maintain their products updated and permit users to utilize programs even when they decide to block functionalities like location tracking or microphone access.

The government stated that it would collaborate closely with programmers and publishers to implement the code over nine months. Partnerships with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Sony and Huawei are key.

The new policy, according to cyber minister Julia Lopez, aims to increase safety and app ecosystem confidence.

“We’ve already strengthened our laws to boost security in consumers’ digital devices and the telecoms networks we rely on”, she said. “Today, we are taking steps to get app stores and developers to keep customers even safer in the online world.”

Impact on apps

Both consumers and business users have recently expressed concern over the growth of malicious and harmful software on app stores.

Security researchers often uncover Google Play Store apps ridden with malware and dangerous pop-up advertising. Some fraudulent apps are downloaded more than a million times.

Publishers have taken notice of this problem. Android released new Play Store policies earlier this year with the intention of reducing security concerns and pressuring developers to upgrade out-of-date applications.

Operating in a regulated and monitored application environment offers a higher level of security that reduces dangers and stimulates the usage of secure, authorized apps.