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Container technology is revolutionising app development, bringing previously unimagined flexibility and efficiency to the development process. Enterprises are looking at those advantages and are embracing contrainers in drove. However, mass adoption can also make cloud-based application management more complex. Container monitoring could help.

Containers have the future, but there also are some challenges associated with the technology. For example, the scale and complexity of containers makes it more challenging to gain immediate insight into the infrastructure health, while you will also need to be able to zoom in and view the health and performance of containers and nodes. In addition, containers may result in significant blind spots and an increased need to maintain telemetry data to ensure observability into the performance and reliability of the application and container.

A good container monitoring solution will enable you to stay on top of your dynamic container-based environment by unifying container data with other infrastructure data to provide better contextualisation and root cause analysis. In this white paper, Splunk explains what this means for your company.