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In order to respond more quickly to new opportunities, and to maintain customer loyalty, many companies have embraced the DevOps approach. However, in terms of control and compliance, the approach poses a challenge, as many complex issues need to be taken into account at the same time. ServiceNow has come up with an answer to this: Auditable DevOps.

According to ServiceNow, it is very difficult to maintain compliance and control when many new technologies are under review within a company (the “Try many, fail fast” principle). While traditional development cycles can take weeks, months, or sometimes even longer, DevOps enables companies to speed this process up to days or even hours.

However, all of this often happens without governance or opportunity for improvement. The cost (time as well as money) of reporting on issues may not be worth it, because there is no immediate improvement. Auditable DevOps addresses this problem and allows companies to improve their assessment of what DevOps actually delivers for them.

ServiceNow’s Auditable DevOps is based on three pillars, namely Intelligent Automation, Data-Driven Governance and Shared Insights. This means that Auditable DevOps not only reports after or between dev cycles, but that the insights from these reports must also be directly integrated into the company’s policy. If you want to read what Auditable DevOps exactly means and how you can implement it in your company, download the ServiceNow whitepaper below.