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New applications for the business must be delivered quickly. IT teams are under enormous pressure to deliver it faster with fewer resources. Low-code can be the answer: a platform that simplifies development and enables application deployment in a short period of time.

In the past, building a critical application in three to four weeks, seemed impossible. Back then, digital transformation was mostly talk. Today, the life of an organization may depend on its ability to deliver business impact with that kind of velocity.

Low-code automation platforms offer speedy, iterative delivery of new business applications. Those platforms ensure there is less code to be written, by, for example, using drag and drop and point and click interfaces.

The best can pull data from a wide range of systems and add the intelligence needed to search and present actionable information on any workflow. They also offer the capability to orchestrate workers, bots and artificial intelligence, with powerful case management, governance, security and seamless integration of robotic process automation tools.

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