Technology 2023: Four areas of focus

Technology 2023: Four areas of focus

Some companies thrive in times of external uncertainty. They know how to manage complexity at scale. At the same time, they can effectively manage and mitigate the effects of economic recession, inflation and geopolitical risks. IT plays a role in that resilience by aligning strategy with challenges. It raises the question of where to prioritize at the moment.

In times of change, it is essential that the IT organization provides more value than the investments being made. Maintaining focus on priorities, such as cybersecurity, even when reprioritizing capital, is critical. By strategically aligning IT initiatives, you can optimize the resulting value.

Data-driven insights deserve particular attention in this regard. Accelerating advanced analytics, modeling and artificial intelligence is the foundation for automating business processes and achieving digital transformation. Delivering timely and actionable insights from data enables you to make decisions that drive your business forward. Flexibility in IT service delivery is crucial to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

In addition, retaining appropriate IT skills and talent is important. Especially during challenging economic conditions, investing in talent management is important. Attracting, retaining and retraining qualified staff is essential to successfully realize digital transformation initiatives and unleash value.

4 focus areas

The above strategies are just some of the tools to determine focus. Together with Freshworks, we offer a research report from The Hackett Group that highlights the four IT focus areas of the moment. Curious about the details? Use the form below to download the document.