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Freshworks announces two additions to its IT service and operations management platform. ‘On-call management’ and ‘Automated Alert Grouping’ will be available before the end of November to help solve infrastructure and application problems faster.

Freshworks approaches IT service and IT operations as a single entity. The organization develops software to identify problems in infrastructure and applications and guide IT professionals on the right paths to a solution. One of its platforms, Freshservice, rolls out into an infrastructure, observes the environment, identifies errors and communicates with the right people at the right times. This includes a ticketing system that provides IT professionals with customer questions and the necessary technical context. The role of AI is twofold as well: algorithms filter for infrastructure problems that matter and suggest solutions to customer questions.

At Refresh, Freshworks’ annual conference, the organization announces two upcoming introductions. First: ‘On-call Management’. Technical details are unknown, but the intention is set in stone. IT teams should be able to respond even faster to important incidents and resolve them through collaboration with devops teams. Introduction two, ‘Automated Alert Grouping’, builds on the aforementioned filtering of infrastructure errors. Freshworks promises reduced noise by prioritizing notifications based on ML.

Fresh face?

Interestingly, a spokesperson quotes an earlier statement by Laurie Wurster, Research Director at Gartner. “New players who focus on one or two key categories will continue to get in the way of large suite vendors”, Wurster said in a 2020 IT Service Operations Management analysis. The implication? Freshworks is the new player, with a combination of IT service and IT operations management (ITSM/ITOM) as key categories. Somewhat valid, as Freshworks’ dedication to ITSM and ITOM is current. At the same time, we’re talking about an organization with 13 global locations and 50,000 customers. Freshworks is growing out of its infancy. By the year, the developer is leaning less toward a new player – and more toward a large suite vendor.