Why is the hybrid cloud most popular in enterprise IT?

Why is the hybrid cloud most popular in enterprise IT?

For the new Enterprise Cloud Index, Nutanix researched the deployment of the cloud in enterprise organisations, and the adoption in the future. 2,650 IT decision-makers around the world were questioned about where they run their business applications, where they want to run them in the future, what the biggest challenges are in the cloud, and how their cloud activities relate to other IT activities within their company.

The survey shows that the hybrid cloud is by far the most popular cloud strategy because of the flexibility it offers, as every application can be tailored to the ideal type of cloud. The hybrid approach is also seen as the most secure. However, there was a slight decrease in hybrid cloud proponents compared to 2018. According to Nutanix, this could stem from a lack of specialised tools to manage the hybrid cloud approaches of enterprises.

On-premise more popular again?

A quite surprising result of the study is that certain applications are being migrated from the cloud back to on-premise, because their configurations are then easier to adjust. Furthermore, 60 percent of the surveyed IT-professionals stated that security has the highest priority when selecting a strategy. In addition, traditional data centers are winning back some ground, and a quarter of all respondents stated that they don’t use cloud technology at all in their company. According to the participants, however, this should drop to about 6.5 percent within a year.

Nutanix also investigated which applications run where, which technologies had the greatest impact on enterprise cloud strategies and which challenges were most common when implementing cloud technology. This and more can be read in Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index; register below to receive the full whitepaper!