Remove the complexity of the datacenter

Remove the complexity of the datacenter

Software-defined infrastructure can replace traditional datacenters with a software-defined network, compute capabilities and storage in one flexible resource pool. It removes the complexity of the datacenter and makes it possible to find the best solution for your workloads. It offers the greatest possible freedom in choosing the right software to ensure business momentum and growth.

Many organisations are reaching new levels of maturity in terms of cloud strategy and datacenter optimisation. A more intelligent future is taking shape, wherein a simplified IT infrastructure can host hybrid solutions while offering agility, lower costs and uncompromising security.

By pooling resources in a software-defined IT infrastructure, you have more freedom compared to traditional datacenter setups. By combining the hybrid datacenter with a multi-cloud strategy, you can have maximum freedom to manage resources and use the best cloud provider for each task.

The software-defined datacenter represents a simplification of previous solutions. Placing network, compute capabilities and storage on one platform allows companies to retain control and manage an entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass, regardless of the software types used.

In a time where more people work on the road, at home or anywhere other than the office, traditional datacenters may find it difficult to offer the freedom necessary to manoeuvre in this modern landscape. Jobs are more flexible, and this requires a scalable IT approach — with the security of a traditional datacenter and the flexibility of the cloud.

Together with Lenovo and Intel, we offer a whitepaper that focuses on removing the complexity of the datacenter with software-defined infrastructure. You can download the whitepaper by filling in the form below.