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Cyber attacks are evolving at a rapid pace: how do you protect your business?

Cyber attacks are evolving at a rapid pace: how do you protect your business?

In recent years, the cyber threat landscape has changed significantly. For example, cybercriminals managed to significantly increase the number of attacks they carry out over the years. At the same time, the attacks have become much more sophisticated. Businesses are facing a different situation to manage the defenses. What can you do as a company?

Data security is an important issue for organizations. After all, within corporate environments, everything is connected to the Internet. With all the connected devices and environments, data volume is increasing dramatically. Also, data is everywhere, such as in the cloud and data center. It offers cybercriminals more opportunities.

The cybercriminals are constantly looking for new opportunities. Because of the larger landscape, they are finding them. They also know how to increase the volume and sophistication of attacks. Because of these developments, almost every company, if it hasn’t already, will face a data breach in the future. Therefore, as an organization, you better be prepared for an incident and a proper response to that incident.

In a series of videos, we talk to Gøran Tømte, Field Security Responsible, Rubrik X for Germany and Northern Europe. In the first video, we talk specifically about the evolution of the threat landscape.

Below are some questions/topics we discuss during the conversation:

Q: Ransomware is not the same today as it was in the past. What does that mean for organizations?

Q: People vs Technology. Admit you don’t know everything. Most people don’t have enough skills. Community is the key.

Q: Multiple forms of ransomware.

Q: The importance of detection and prevention.

Q: Identifying sensitive data within your organization.