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We need analytics, everywhere. We need analytics in the boardroom, on the work floor, inside the engineering factory and machine plant… and all the way out in the field wherever our workforce is located.

So much is this core truth the case that AI-powered analytics company ThoughtSpot has now launched ThoughtSpot Monitor for Mobile. This mobile-first analytics experience allows users to stay on top of critical business KPIs on the go, from any mobile device.

This news has surfaced in line with Beyond, the company’s annual customer, user, data-developer conference, alongside a major update to the company’s platform.

According to ThoughtSpot, every organisation today wants to build its business on data, relying on intelligent, relevant information to guide decisions. Too often, however, critical insights remain buried in data until it’s too late because users don’t know which questions to ask to unearth changes in the data as they happen. Instead, many decisions are made on gut instinct, without data-driven insights.”

Battling retroactive explanations

When (this above) scenario happens, the company says that analytics are used to provide a retroactive explanation of what happened, instead of a proactive view of what is happening, why it is happening, what will likely happen next and what leaders should do about it.

By downloading ThoughtSpot Mobile from the Apple or Google Play stores, users will have access to the Monitor for Mobile feature to get data analytics insights from their mobile device, without even having to ask for them.

Once data teams set up the right data models and infrastructure, Monitor brings all that information to business users proactively. Users subscribe to specific KPIs and metrics that matter the most to them and Monitor automatically pushes notifications to their mobile device when these metrics change.

“Integration of ThoughtSpot Monitor with our proprietary business intelligence tool enhances our customers’ ability to effectively manage KPIs and helps them to identify key change drivers. With Monitor, our users can ‘set and forget’ KPI alerts, allowing them to focus on more strategic objectives, while Monitor automates these time-consuming activities,” said Logan LaBonne, senior product manager for data & analytics at travel management company CWT.

Monitor uses AI to take this experience further with key driver analysis, so users know not only what changed, but why it changed and can drill anywhere to ask their follow-up questions and be delivered the same experience. The system analyses hundreds of attributes behind each KPI and uses Machine Learning (ML) to identify what is driving the changes to these KPIs. With generative AI, the system then explains this change so users can easily understand both what changed and why it changed. Armed with this information, users can then take action to either avoid potential risks or capitalise on opportunities as they unfold.

AI to monitor KPIs

This product enables companies to use AI to monitor KPIs associated with strategic objectives in a business strategy and automatically understand the underlying driver metrics that explain why a KPI has changed. Further, it can be used at all levels in the enterprise and so if deployed correctly, could potentially enable guided mass contribution to common business goals.

“The analytics industry for years has promised to help companies bring insights to every decision to drive better outcomes, delight customers, and improve the bottom line. We believe delivering on this promise requires using AI to break from the status quo of drag-and-drop desktop tools. Customers need a fundamentally new approach to analytics built on AI, where insights come to users where they are, before they even ask for them,” said Sumeet Arora, chief development officer, ThoughtSpot.

Arora says that with this product on board, users will have the power of the organisation’s data team in their pocket, proactively letting users know the health of the business, not after something happens, but as it happens, with an explanation of why it is happening. Monitor for Mobile is currently in preview and will be available on mobile app stores in the coming months.