2 min

A good conversation about Citrix Workspace might be a better summary for this “On Tour” with Christian Reilly, the CTO of Citrix. Of course, the idea is an interview and the intention to find out as much as possible, and we won’t leave out the tricky questions for Citrix either. However, the fact is that Reilly makes it a real conversation, making it much more pleasant to watch.

As with previous “On Tour” videos, we really go into depth, again a long video interview of about 35 minutes. For those who don’t want to watch the entire video, we have highlighted a number of topics below the video. By following those links, you can watch a specific section of the interview. Ultimately, everything will be discussed: how Citrix is doing, the competition, the Citrix Workspace, the Intelligent Workpace, Analytics and the ambitions in the field of no-code and low-code.

For the average Citrix expert or someone who works with it on a daily basis, it gives a glimpse of where Citrix is heading with its product and what we can possibly expect in the future.