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Citrix has announced a number of new features for Citrix Workspace. These include intelligent feed and personalised workflows. The new features are designed to reduce “digital noise”, which reduces productivity, according to the company.

Ultimately, only the business processes that users really need should stand out. Workspace is a digital platform that gives users access to their apps, desktops and data from anywhere. According to Citrix, employees are too often interrupted by texts, chats and alerts.

The updates are intended to prevent that type of inefficiency by only providing relevant information. In this way, a more personalised work experience should be created. The updates also increase the automation of processes. Like that, companies can, for example, create a number of steps for a particular purpose. Think for example of the execution of simple tasks such as requesting leave of absence, or submitting purchase orders, which becomes much simpler.


Workspace can be integrated with frequently used applications such as SAP, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Workday and Atlassian. More than 100 pre-configured micro apps are also available. This is the result of a takeover of Sapho by Citrix. That company was specialised in micro apps for working environments.

“At the end of the day, employees want to master their craft,” Tim Minahan, Citrix’s EVP of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, stated. “With Citrix Workspace, employers can empower them to do so by freeing them from soul sucking tasks so that they can focus on building their skills and engaging work.”