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The future is hard if not impossible to predict, but it is interesting to think about it and discuss it with your peers. That is exactly the intention of the CompTIA event that will be held on May 26 between 15:00 and 17:00. In this article you can read what is on the program.

CompTIA is a non-profit organization with the aim of bringing together the right people within the technology sector, training them and providing them with the right information. Since a few years they are also building a community in the Benelux. Regular meetups and events are obviously an important part of this. During this corona period these meetings unfortunately take place virtually. The hope is that in the autumn this can again be done in person and on location.

Till then, CompTIA is not sitting still. In fact, on May 26 there will be a CompTIA Benelux Business Technology Community Meeting. That’s quite a mouthful, but it means that as an MSP, end user, vendor or person otherwise interested in the technology sector you can exchange ideas with kindred spirits. The theme of the upcoming meeting is ‘Leveraging the Opportunities Shaping Europe’s Digital Future’. In other words, it will be about the digital future of Europe.


The two-hour event is divided into three sections. The first section will focus on Europe’s biggest challenges in technology and the future. An expert from the field will give guidance. The idea is that this will be an open discussion in which the community is encouraged to participate. The goal is to have a better idea at the end of this discussion on how to deal with these challenges as a community.

The content of the second part of the CompTIA Benelux Business Technology Community Meeting is largely determined by the attendees. Four topics have been prepared, from which the attendees may choose two to elaborate on. Below are the four topics, with a short explanation of what they are about:

  • 1. Emerging Technology – Collaboration with technology hubs, keeping up to date with new developments and opportunities.
  • 2. Building a workforce of innovation – coming together to progress our initiative to enable the community to be diverse and sustainable.
  • 3. Cybersecurity – What is the current landscape of cybersecurity and what risks are you concerned about?
  • 4. Business Technology Solutions Selling – The future of selling in uncertain times.

The third and final session of the meeting, is about the European GAIA-X project. This aims to build a data infrastructure and ecosystem that follows European values and standards around digital technology. An analyst from Gartner will update attendees on this project.

If you are interested in attending this session, please registerfor free via this link.

Techzine and CompTIA have no commercial links. However, a Techzine employee does sit on CompTIA’s Executive Council for the Benelux, due to shared ambitions. Both Techzine and CompTIA’s main goal is to provide the tech community as a whole with accurate and good input and to connect the different parts of the technology industry together.