Knowledge 2020: Experience the ServiceNow community

Knowledge 2020: Experience the ServiceNow community

The situation in which we now find ourselves has caused us to approach everything we do differently: how we organise our day, how we communicate with others and how we work.

The current situation offers an excellent opportunity to change, both for companies and individuals, and to take full advantage of everything we are capable of. With this in mind, ServiceNow renamed their user conference the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience.

Every year Knowledge offers customers, partners and employees the opportunity to learn directly from each other. But the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience provides access to the world of ServiceNow in a way we’ve never seen before.

Keeping up with the pace of change

Instead of a physical event with 20.000 visitors, Knowledge 2020 is an all-digital experience, free for everyone, but as valuable as ever.

The current pandemic teaches us many things, but when it comes to the world of work, the coronavirus shows the importance of modern digital workflows, innovation and robust infrastructures to keep up with the pace of change.

Companies have had to adapt to unprecedented conditions at record speed. This has been an enormous challenge, but it also shows what the possibilities are when we fully embrace digital transformation.

Digital workflows are not only essential to provide employees with the right services and experiences to do their jobs smoothly and efficiently in the current crisis. These digital workflows play a critical, overall role in the future of our work.

The need for more knowledge

Knowledge 2020 launched this week and contains more than 400 hours of conversations and experiences, spanning six weeks of digital programming.

And all of this content focuses on the power of ServiceNow’s workflows to accelerate the digital transformation, opening up a new era for employee and customer experiences in a world beyond COVID.

Several inspiring sessions are planned – with the experiences of some of ServiceNow’s Northern European customers standing out the most.

In one session, for example, the City of Copenhagen explains how they became more efficient, reducing IT costs by 30 percent while maintaining a wide range of services available to more than 45.000 users.

DNB ASA’s team will provide insight into how they are using ServiceNow’s Auditable DevOps solution to continuously develop their digital services. This will meet customers’ continued demand for new and improved services.

Leo Pharma will highlight a project that focuses on making a brand new global HR platform available to all 6000 employees. In this ambitious project, which was completed in just three months, ServiceNow’s platform takes care of all the complexity at the back-end of HR services, giving employees a more meaningful work experience.

Digitally seated at the front

These customers are just a few examples. Every week ServiceNow will share interesting stories from all over the world, available digitally to view and respond to, live and on-demand. To participate in Knowledge 2020, sign up here and be part of our global community during this event.

This message was created in collaboration with ServiceNow.