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ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience has come to an end. The digital event focused on the crucial role of workflows in meeting the ever-increasing demand for speed within large organisations. According to CEO Bill McDermott, we are currently in the midst of a workflow revolution.

In his keynote, McDermott addressed the impact of ServiceNow on every part of the organisation – from employee experience to customer service and from HR to finance. Each of these areas benefits from increased speed, productivity and innovation. Together with Chief Product Officer CJ Desai and VP and Global Head of Design Amy Lokey, McDermott provided a great insight into how digital workflows are already delivering the best experiences for the most innovative companies worldwide.

The keynote also featured several European customers demonstrating how ServiceNow meets their requirements for speed, productivity and innovation.

For example, Danske Bank has reduced the number of incidents by 93% and improved productivity sixfold since the standardisation of IT processes on the Now Platform. McDermott also talked about the way Saab created new consumer-like employee experiences, recouping more than 12.000 hours for the company.


McDermott also spoke with Dan Schmitt, Vice President and CEO of Disney Streaming Services, during his keynote. They talked about the way Disney+ uses ServiceNow. Within a few months of its launch, the new Disney+ service has more than 50 million customers, creating the need for a robust customer center. This story gave a detailed impression of the flexibility of the ServiceNow platform.

Using ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management solution, the Disney+ Customer Help Center now supports 200.000 interactions and 500.000 visits each day. Within five months, the system was live.

During his keynote, McDermott also talked about how ServiceNow is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Not only with regard to the emergency response tools developed by the company or the support provided to customers. By switching almost immediately to a ‘work-from-anywhere’ company and quickly developing apps and dashboards to support customers, ServiceNow has shown how fast companies can move theoretically. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has shown where companies might want to focus on in the future.

The future

Suddenly it appears that decisions can be made swiftly. The workflow revolution will accelerate as companies redesign and innovate their business models using ServiceNow. ServiceNow’s combination of customers, partners and staff is already doing impressive things – as Knowledge 2020 has shown.

We are on the threshold of a time when companies are urged to pursue greater ambitions and change faster. The workflow revolution has only just begun.

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