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SAS is coming out with updates to Customer Intelligence 360. From now on, marketers will have full access to the cloud data source to avoid unnecessary and risky data moves.

According to SAS, it is challenging for marketers to move all the data into a customer data platform (CDP) or marketing cloud. The analytics company wants to put an end to that. “Marketers retrieve only the data they want to activate, when they want to. This helps companies take advantage of their existing data infrastructure and save on data movement costs.”

At the same time, privacy and compliance is strengthened by the ability to control the movement of personal identifiable information (PII) data. Only the data needed for personalization is moved to Customer Intelligence 360. It is kept there only until completion of personalization and activation.


With these updates, SAS is also putting a lot of emphasis on speed. The time-to-market for journey creation has been shortened, as IT is no longer involved in selecting and moving data from cloud-based data sources to Customer Intelligence 360. By activating data directly from the cloud data source in Customer Intelligence 360 and using CDP features, marketers can quickly create customer experiences.

Also, the data Customer Intelligence 360 collects is streamed in real-time into the cloud-based data source. There, it can be integrated with existing customer data for real-time analytics and visualization.

Consolidating and activating first-party data sources will also provide assurance that data used in communications is up-to-date. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the marketing message.

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